How to identify cast steel bearing seat and cast iron pillow block bearing seat?


Cast steel bearing seat and cast iron pillow block bearing seat is how to distinguish, their essential difference is the difference in chemical composition, in some projects, if the carbon content can be higher than 2% is considered to be iron, lower than steel. It is because of their composition is not the same, so its organizational performance is also different, in general, the plastic and toughness of steel is better, that is, its elongation and cross-section shrinkage and impact rate is better, and the mechanical properties of iron is mainly manifested as hard and more brittle.

cast iron pillow block bearing

So how do we distinguish cast iron and cast steel in life:

1. brightness, cast steel bearing seat will shine and cast iron tut is dark or gray. The gray iron of cast iron is different from the ball mill cast iron, and the ductile iron is brighter than the gray iron; 

2. particles, cast steel will be very dense when casting, so you can't see obvious particles on the surface. Gray iron and nodular iron are visible, and the particles of gray iron are larger;

3. sound, cast iron bearing seat collision will make a dumb sound, the cast steel bearing seat collision will make a clear sound, if the cast iron material is particularly good, the sound will be mixed;

4. toughness, we all know that the toughness of cast steel is good, relatively close to the steel plate, the toughness of cast iron is relatively poor point, thin-walled parts can reach 20-30 degrees of bending state, gray mouth is no toughness;

5. gas cutting, cast steel surface is rough, riser and pouring mouth area is large, so it is necessary to remove gas cutting, cast iron using gas cutting is constantly cut;

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