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The trip to Bali Island of the company-level outstanding employees of Guangwei Seiko

2023-05-13 14:52

In order to motivate employees' work enthusiasm and set an example, the company selected outstanding employees at the company level in January 2023; in order to commend their outstanding contributions to the company, this eight-day trip to Bali was specially organized trip.

Travel time: April 14, 2023 - April 23, 2023

Travel members: 7 people


1. From April 14th to 15th, depart from Luoyang, pass through Beijing-Shenzhen, and arrive in Bali.

2. Travel in Bali from April 15th to 22nd.

3. From April 22nd to 23rd, take a flight from Bali, via Shenzhen-Beijing, and return to Luoyang.

The trip to Bali Island of the company-level outstanding employees of Guangwei Seiko

Bali is the most dazzling island among more than 13,600 islands in Indonesia. It is located 8 degrees south of the equator in the Indian Ocean and east of Java Island. The island is 140 kilometers wide from east to west and 80 kilometers away from north to south.

This beautiful island has become a world-class tourist resort because of its picturesque scenery and simple folk customs. When you walk on the beautiful beach, bathe in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by green tropical rainforest and bushes and wild flowers everywhere, you will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable physically and mentally.

Bali's economy is dominated by agriculture, rich in rice, corn, coconut and coffee. Agricultural production is mostly carried out in the form of collective cooperation. Tourism is the pillar industry of Bali, which covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers, and its annual output value accounts for 1/4 of the tourism industry in Indonesia.

Here, everyone enjoyed the blue sea and blue sky, experienced thrills, enjoyed Indonesian cuisine, and experienced the colorful culture of Bali, relaxation of body and mind, and unlimited fun.

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