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Irregular Skill Training

Rely on the long-term plan of enterprise development, reserve and accumulation of advanced technologies, a good way to behave and deep understanding of mechanical equipment, in 2013, the enterprise conducted the production equipment has been comprehensively upgraded, intelligent manufacturing, technology research and development and production efficiency is improving, let Guangwei Precision steadily improve the status of the industry.

Today, Guangwei Precision has excellent technical team, enterprise spirit of “Focus on each step”, scientific management, strict quality control, brilliant and kindness service, devote to technology development, design, processing and manufacturing of the strip mill, tension bending auxiliary machine, steel spool, aerospace precision components and etc.


 Pursuit of the ultimate, Specialization on development. The enterprise pays attention to the research and development of new technology and equipment, also obtained dozens of national patents. In production of the steel spool used winding the plate, Guangwei Precision developed independently specialized internal hole boring machine for steel spool. Through continuous technical improvement, formed a set of mature process solutions including heat treatment, producing and processing, and dynamic balancing test, ensure product accuracy and production efficiency, achievement of leading position in steel spool production industry.

In order to make the precision parts machining quality and detection get more effective and more reliable, Guangwei Precision continuous to bring in high-end intelligent equipment, at present, the enterprise has CNC lathe occupied above 80% of the total. In the process of machining production of rolling mill bearing support, roll bending block and etc., through the computer program optimize machining procedure, arrange the processing plan reasonably, ensure the quality of products to reach the international first-class standard.

Skills training

Constantly improve, strive to surpass. After all these years, always insist on training employees with basic knowledge, skills and experience, become the inexhaustible power of the Guangwei Precision’s development. High-level technical artisans enable to help enterprise overcome the industry difficulties continuously, provide reliable solutions for customer product customization.

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