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Casting Steel Of Work Roller Bearing Block

Our main products are all kinds of mill (roll) bearing block, bending roll block and other mill precision parts, the accuracy of these products directly affects the accuracy of the mill directly affects the quality of products produced by the mill.
The type is the bearing seat of mill work roll intermediate roll support roll, and can also accept other non-standard customizing from customers.
working roll (forgings):45 steel,40Cr,42CrMo
support roll (castings): zg310-570, zg270-500.
Our advantages: High-precision intelligent CNC manufacturing equipment, high-tech staff, mature processing system, strict quality inspection process, high-precision inspection instruments, excellent production management process, is the guarantee of high-quality products.
Our company has DMG DMF1800*600 five-axis machining center, horizontal machining center,vertical machining center,gantry machining center and high-precision three-coordinate inspection.Machine 80% of the equipment is CNC machine tools;Powerful equipment, so that we get strong quality assurance in product manufacturing and processing.
In order to better ensure the quality of products, in addition to the normal size inspection, bearing and other precision parts in the three coordinate standard measuring machine instrument for final inspection, detection accuracy up to 2 micron level, to ensure the absolute inspection of various parts size and behavior tolerance inspection basis.

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  • Anual Capacity of Steel Spool is 4000 pieces
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Casting Steel Of Work Roller Bearing Block

The company has formed a set of mature mechanical processing technology for the production of bearing housing through the accumulation of long-term experience:

Casting Stee    Work Roller Bearing Block

1、 Vertical Machining Center: According to the view shape milling depth 5mm to find the positive belt (each side has room for 1.5-2mm); clean and remove burr sharp edge for inspection.(first piece for inspection)

2、Horizontal boring machine:It is found that a margin of 1.5 -2 mm is reserved for each surface of the normal belt, and the margin of the groove in the view is 1.5-2 mm; the margin of the hole in the hole is 3-4 mm; the length of each hole is 2-3mm; and the clear edge is used for removing the sharp edge of the burr for inspection. (first piece for inspection)

3、 Vertical Machining Center: Finish milling to (non-tolerance fit surface) requirements, milling length to find the right edge depth of 5 mm; boring to the requirements, each side of the residual amount of 1 ≤ 1.5 mm; each hole length to the requirements, and point to the two ends of the hole center hole; to ensure the dimensional tolerance and shape and position tolerance.

4、 Horizontal machining center: upper tooling, alignment length and alignment edge are based on the middle hole, and all sides meet the requirements;And point the center hole of each hole on the end face to ensure the tolerance of each dimension and form;Hole deep processing to requirements;Ensure dimensional tolerance;

5、 Vertical Machining Center:To the original hole as a benchmark, fine boring hole, to the requirements;Hole processing according to the difference, and then use a rolling knife rolling hole surface;To ensure the tolerance of each hole, a test shall be conducted to keep the allowance of 1mm before machining to the dimension.Clean and remove sharp edges of burrs for inspection.

6、 Bench-work:Each thread bottom hole positioning hole to requirements.

7、 Bench-work: Other oil hole and screw hole drilling tapping;Clean and remove sharp edges of burrs for inspection. (first piece for inspection)

8、 Final inspection: remove sharp edges of burrs by cleaning and send for inspection, and issue inspection list.

Casting Stee

Perfect quality management system, effective after-sales service guarantee, so that the company's products won a good reputation.

Work Roller Bearing Block

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