GW Conducted a Fire Emergency Drill


GW has always regarded safety production as the top priority. GW held a fire emergency safety drill on February 8 as a way to make all employees familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing methods and skills, escape routes and rescue methods, testing the emergency response state of all employees to enhance fire safety awareness and the ability of senior managers to deal with public emergencies. Leaders of various departments and all employees of the company participated in this drill.

The main contents of this drill include: explain the fire extinguishing methods according to different types of fires; demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers on site, and organize employees to operate them; explain and practice emergency evacuation and escape methods; simulated measures and treatment for the wounded with different injury conditions.

Drill simulation scenario: The cleaning cloth in the waste bin catches fire. When the employee finds the fire, they report it immediately. The leader on duty of the emergency response group quickly conducts the emergency plan. At the same time, calling fire phone "119" and arranging employees to guide the fire truck.

GW Conducted a Fire Emergency Drill

Director Zhang Yong demonstrates how to use fire extinguishers

The members of the emergency response team, the alert evacuation team, the communication liaison team, and the logistics support team methodically put out fires, evacuate surrounding employees, communicate, rescue materials, and treat the injured in an orderly manner according to the division of labor. Subsequently, Minister Zhang Yong, the commander of the drill, introduced the selection of fire extinguishers for different fires and focused on explaining and demonstrating the use of fire extinguishers. In response to some problems, Minister Zhang Yong also gave detailed guidance.

GW Conducted a Fire Emergency Drill

Employees carry out fire fighting practice

During the drill, Zhang Yong, the commander-in-chief of the drill, was calm and commanded properly. The emergency teams responded quickly and cooperated smoothly. The participate employees did not panic and were evacuated quickly and safely in an orderly manner.

During the whole drill, the arrangement was tight and compact, the employees were organized orderly and the firefighting action was rapid and effective. The drill improved the firefighting awareness and safety skills of all employees of the company, tested the operability of various procedures, the organization ability and emergency response ability, so as to achieve the purpose of this drill.

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