Mentor-Apprentice Pairing Symposium


Bow, serve tea, read the oath... On the afternoon of April 7th, the company held a teacher apprenticeship ceremony in the conference room. Three pairs of masters and apprentices took oaths and signed a master-student agreement. The whole ceremony was traditional and solemn and full of warmth. Teachers and apprentices experience sharing discussion.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Lu Hongwei, assistant to the general manager, read out the list of master-student pairings. The apprentices held tea in both hands and bowed to their respective masters. The masters received and drank the tea with both hands. The desire for knowledge, what is drunk is the care for the apprentice and the responsibility of the teacher. A simple ceremony represents the inheritance of knowledge and technology.

A cup of apprenticeship tea conveys the love between master and apprentice. The masters are the backbone of the company, and the apprentices are also thirsty for knowledge. The masters and apprentices are also teachers and friends. In the future work and study, the blue and blue will work together, and the masters and apprentices will make progress together, and they will go further and further in their careers. Guangwei Seiko will also usher in a new atmosphere in this passing on of the torch.

The activity of "teaching apprentices" is adapted to the requirements of the company's development, and it is an important manifestation of the company's human resources as the first priority; it is also the company's implementation of talent training projects, speeding up the construction of enterprise talent teams, creating a learning-oriented enterprise, and meeting the company's competition and development. An important step is needed. The activity of mentoring apprentices is detailed to people, and the responsibilities and obligations of masters and apprentices are clarified. Teaching according to people and jobs is more conducive to the cultivation of talents and the sustainable development of enterprises.

When sharing the experience, Sun Yuyang, the representative of the master, said that before each operation, he would demonstrate the operating procedures to the apprentices, help the apprentices to strengthen the standardized operating procedures, and when they encountered problems that the apprentices did not understand, they would explain them in detail and patiently; Shu Bin also said that in normal times, you need to ask more, think more, and learn more...

Here, I would like to say to every new colleague: This is a fertile ground. The activity of "Teacher Leading Apprentice" can realize a gorgeous life change for us. As long as you "love learning, willing to specialize in research, dare to innovate, and boldly practice", you will surely achieve success in your career and become an independent business expert.

Mentor-Apprentice Pairing Symposium

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